Over thousands of years and back to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Christians, precious and semi-precious gemstones have been revered for their mystical and spiritual properties. As well as cultural and religious affiliations, they have always also represented the outstanding wealth of their owners.

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In more modern times, the connection of particular stones to birth months was formalized in the United States in the early 1900s although assigning astrology to birthstone jewelry was first observed in Poland in the 15th century.

There are many myths and folklore stories that have been passed down from generation to generation, and it is fascinating to learn about these facts.

Precious vs. Semi-Precious Gemstones

The ancient Greeks are said to have made the distinction with diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds considered precious stones while all the other stones are semi-precious.

Simulated and gemstones created in laboratories are substitute imitations for the genuine ones. They cost less and do not have the same value, but they generally have no flaws, so they are easier on the budget. They do strive to have somewhat close to the same sparkle and brilliance. ,

Healing Effects

Gemstone jewelry has always been an attractive adornment, but many cultures believe that gemstones possess special therapy and healing effects. Authorities state that in order to obtain the greatest benefit, a gemstone must be of high quality and in the proper shape. Gemstones in necklaces place the stone in the proper location that will benefit the whole body.

Individual Qualities and Effects

The diamond is thought to be powerful, is a master healer, and promotes love and emotional strength.

The emerald is a calming stone, an emotional stabilizer, can relieve insomnia and improves memory and intellect.

The sapphire is another with a calming effect on nervous individuals as it gives peace of mind. It is also considered a stone of love and friendship, attracts good influences, and gives its wearer faith, devotion, and imagination.

The ruby increases energy and creativity and is said to lift spirits, alleviate worries, improve confidence, and give spiritual wisdom and courage.

The amethyst is used for meditation and general healing. It is said that if you sleep with one under your pillow, it should promote intuitive dreams and inspired thought.

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