A Muted Fall/Winter Fashion Pallet—With Three Great Exceptions

This fall and winter, fortune favors a muted pallet.  Those lucky few fashionistas that decide what everyone wears each season have given the new colors spunky names like the light tan “Nomad,” and “Iron” that is, by any other name, dark grey.  Mix these with a light rose pink, a Warm Olive, and a burnt salmon sienna, and this fall is fewer autumn leaves and winter cheer and cozier gothic.  But for jewelry lovers this isn’t tragic, it’s lucky.  The muted pallet makes accessorizing with the season’s three more deeply hued colors a cinch.  They can rejoice in the gem colors American Beauty, Purple Heart, and Majolica Blue.

American Beauty is a perfectly balanced true red, flattering all skin tones.  The color is brilliant as glass beads in earrings or on necklaces and goes great with black.  The designers had a patriotic feel in mind for this tone, but this is a new red for rougher times and the tough, but still romantic, strong woman.

pantone american beauty

Purple speaks of royalty, but this is a new take on the old favorite.  No longer aloof like the old purple, Purple Heart is a little more sensual and a lot more creative.  Think eccentric high school art teacher, but with better taste in earrings.  Think handcrafted beaded jewelry, but refined and runway ready.  This purple borders on lilac but leans toward true royal purple.

pantone purple heart

Majolica.  Don’t you just want to say the word until it isn’t in season anymore?  Originally, the term “majolica” came from the ceramics of the Italian Renaissance that had an opaque white glaze with a brilliant overlay of colors.  The Victorians used the term for pottery with vibrant leaden glazes.  Majolica Blue is the same, deep, throaty, with a smoky sense of tranquility.  The new blue is a cross between 2008’s teal and traditional navy.  It complements oranges, like Burnt Sienna, and is best as handcrafted beaded bracelets resting on a Warm Olive lap.

pantone majolica blue

Then there is the vixen in a woman who wishes to be covered in vibrant colors, and the mute clothing pallet isn’t good enough.  True red, rich lilac purple, and deep teal have their place as overcoats, dresses, and cardigans too.  These pieces need accessories of their opposites, in their muted counterparts.  Balance is the key.  These tones become vibrant as crystal beads and on bold bangles.  Or, when in doubt, wear Majolica and sterling silver as well.

October 12, 2013 — Stephanie White

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